Thank you for 6 wonderful years

As we approach the New Year we reflect on the lives we have impacted in 2016 and the work we have accomplished in the past six years. We think about the pugs we have saved and the people that now have new family members because they chose to adopt a pug from Central Coast Pug Rescue. We think about our amazing volunteers, generous donors, sponsors and supporters that have made the this work in rescue possible. Since that first pug rescued with one volunteer driving out to the Bakersfield County Shelter in March of 2011 to the extensive network even up into northern California, we have rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed over 700 pugs. Because of YOU we have been able to give pugs a second chance at Life and Love.

We do this work because of our love of Pugs but this also comes at a time to reflect and re-evaluate and as this year comes to a close along with it comes a new beginning. In 2017, Central Coast Pug Rescue will be merging our foster-home based organization and partnering with Pug Nation of Los Angeles. We share the same mission and operate the same, “to rescue all pugs regardless of age or medical condition, so this merge is an exciting venture for both. Pug Nation will take over our day to day operations of bringing pugs into rescue and we will aid in the transport of bringing pugs into their care. Teaming our rescue efforts with the home base, centralized location of operations at “The Pug Nation Station” will give adoptable pugs the best possible chance for a loving forever home and will aid in our rescue work. Pug Nation has a state of the art “pug home” that allows them to house more pugs at once, quarantine pugs if needed and receive constant love, attention and 24 hour care. Of course, open Foster Homes are always needed and many pugs are only suited to be in foster care. We intend to support Pug Nation with our ever expanding network of foster homes for the seniors and special needs, who ask for so little and give back so much.

We currently manage 13 “Forever Fosters” in a program called “Forever in our Care”. This program relies most importantly on the open hearts of permanent foster homes where these pugs are living out their lives under our financial care. It is also our intention to give greater attention and focus to these pugs.. To change the way the community thinks about and treats older dogs and create better lives for them by foster home recruitment, fundraising and education. It has always been our belief these gems are the true faces of “rescue”.

We would like to reassure you that no pug will be left behind. We ask for your patience and loving support through this transition. Also, You’re donations and financial support will continue to give pugs the medical care they need for a second chance at life and love. This partnership brings about a stronger base and we are so grateful to Pug Nation, their staff, volunteers and most of all YOU, for your dedication, support and commitment to the breed we love, The Pug.

Happy New Year Everyone
❤️️ and Pug Hugs PUG NATION LA